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The art of taste in Nafplio is in the most famous and cosmopolitan all day Café-Wine-bar-Restaurant in the old part of town, on Papanikolaou 26 street and it is called «3 Sixty».
Enjoy your drink, your coffee, your food and wine, by tasting and experiencing the art of gastronomy in all its glory, and allow yourself to be charmed by the original and delicious dishes that our experienced chefs create for you with their carefully freshly picked ingredients. A journey from which you will experience a range of flavors and sensations.

We invite you to try the freshly made salads such as the pomegranate one seasoned with fresh vegetables, pomegranate, green apple, roasted hazelnuts, estragon, prosciutto crisps and vinaigrette; or the gorgonzola salad with crisp mixed vegetables, pear flakes, roasted walnuts, prosciutto, estragon and honey vinaigrette made with aged balsamic vinegar. 
From the appetizers you can select from the crispy Talagani bread which is aromatized with herbs and topped with a sweet & sour chili sauce; or the flavored rosemary tart made with Argolis gruyere and siglino (smoked pork) from Mani; or the veal Carpaccio with parmesan flakes and grilled pine nuts topped with a rosemary sauce; or the salmon crostini wrapped in cream cheese, fish eggs and flavored with lemon and lime.
For the main course we recommend the wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil and prosciutto crisps, the Rib Eye veal steak accompanied with a flavored fresh aromatic herb butter served with country potato wedges, or the «en papillote» salmon fillet with julienne vegetables married to a light white wine sauce flavored with fresh verbena.

For our wheat fans, you will love the pizza garnished with prosciutto, tomato, parmesan and rocket; or the linguini with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil; or the homemade basil pesto Rigatoni; or for our friends that enjoy easy food, you will adore the “OhMyGod!” burger with caramelized onions, cheddar and bacon accompanied with country potato wedges and chimitsuri sauce on the side.
Enjoy your meal by matching your food from our wide and exclusive selection of wines from our wine list or indulge yourself to taste our special cocktails created by our trained bar-tenders.
Finally, for our deserts, we insist that you taste our daily freshly made pastries that literally melt in your mouth and aromatize your palate with finesse and delicacy. We propose the delicious panacotta with caramel butter, the cheese cake with strawberry sauce and the dark chocolate marquise.

Why do we recommend 3Sixty: certainly for its beautiful surroundings, its high aesthetics and impressive decoration, its high quality initial raw material in its products, its delicious handmade delicacies and dishes, for its fantastic cocktails and a broad range of selective wines, for its vibrating and fantastic music, and for its excellent service. We suggest it because it is elegant, fun, with excellent value, and because ... feeling wonderful is a marvelous sensation we all deserve to experience and have.
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3Sixty Nafplio Hotel
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